Steps to a Quickly Opening a Dollar Store Business – Part II

Once you have identified your store location and then signed the lease for that location, the clock is running on opening your new dollar store business. By creating a store project plan with a timeline of events you have a means of quickly working through a list and getting the right tasks completed in the right order. You also have a targeted open for business date.

Create your project plan and timeline with key milestones that will have your store open by your target date. By the time you sign your lease you should have a store layout developed for the location. Draw the proposed layout. Next verify the flow of shoppers through the store. Don’t forget to make sure there is adequate room between aisles.

There are many others tasks that must be done quickly. Be sure to get you order completed for interior and exterior store signage. Often there is a longer lead-time, so this must be completed as soon as the lease is signed. Don’t forget to get all utilities ordered and scheduled to start service. Delaying this can mean that you don’t have the power available for workers who are scheduled to make improvements. Working in the dark to stock shelves is also challenging!

Painting and other store improvements come next. If your landlord is handling this work be sure that completion dates are clearly called out in your lease agreement. If you are responsible, be aggressive in getting tasks started and completed. Stay on top of all of the work to make sure that it is completed as scheduled. It is important to remember that remodeling can delay the grand opening and all activities leading up to that grand opening of your dollar store business.

Be sure to order fixtures xfinity store near me and displays immediately. If you are planning to purchase used fixtures, then go to work locating, ordering and paying for them. If the fixturing is coming from out of state follow up and make sure to get those fixtures on the road to your facility quickly. Don’t forget to schedule workers to aid in the offloading and set-up when they arrive.

Many other preparation tasks lay ahead of you. Be sure that everything listed in this article is done. Never assume that simply because you have ordered something it will arrive. Follow up and make sure that everything you ordered ships as agreed. Then follow up with the freight company to confirm that shipments will arrive as scheduled. Surprises at this time will delay your grand opening. Good follow up and management of the process will make your grand opening happen as planned.