Star Wars FX Lightsaber on Your Wish List? May the Force (and a Hefty Wallet) Be With You

Star Wars is a movie well loved by people of all ages, young and old. Avid Star Wars fanatics will possibly choose to mimic any one of the characters in Star Wars for the Halloween. In addition to that, you would want to appear realistic and exactly mimic the characters by getting yourself a Star Wars FX lightsaber. The process of acquiring one for yourself is not as easy as going to a discount store, looking and picking out the lightsaber that you like. The replica of a lightsaber can be costly and if you are tight on the budget, there are Star Wars Fx lightsaber kits to help you makeyour own lightsaber at a lesser price. With this, it’s not difficult to act like a real Jedi Knight.

You might wonder why you have to go through all the trouble in buying a kit and making the weapon with your own hands while you can just purchase a ready made lightsaber? Like what was mentioned earlier, the ready made lightsaber is quite expensive and your most practical option is to really make one by yourself. Although it’s tedious, it is somehow rewarding, that at the end of the day, you know you will always take pride over your efforts and creativity in making your very own lightsaber. That’s part of being a real Jedi Knight. Additionally, the kit allows you to be creative and give your weapon a personal touch. You can modify the assembling of the lightsaber so that you can create the one you truly wanted to have. So prepare yourself and get ready to finally build your own Star Wars Fx Lightsaber.

What’s in store for you in the kit?

Any brand of Star Wars Fx Lightsaber kit will Custom lightsabers provide you with similar contents. It includes a saber unit and battery compartment. Also enclosed in the package are few plastic handles, plastic switches, pommels made of metal and some emitter housings together with screws to allow you to put the pieces together. These kits are packed with some interesting features like those ready made and expensive lightsabers. Here are the qualities that might interest you:


  • You will gain similar powers like the ones on the films since the blade radiates the same way with that in the movie even though the light may not be that intense.
  • The Lightsaber assembled with the materials of the kit likewise, with the expensive lightasaber, has those special sound effects as heard in the movies.
  • The kits also included in them motion sensors that will create specific sound effects like power up and down and clash.
  • The materials used in the kits are also durable. Although it may not be as expensive as the ready made ones, the quality of this kit made lightsaber has not been compromised. You can even customize a variety of weapons till you find the one that suits you best.
  • You can change colors anytime you want to as this lightsaber’s blade is multi-colored. It has red, green and blue colors that you can choose from compared to its counterparts which has only one color.