Repairing a Porcelain Broken Cup Handle by Yourself Or an Expert?

Porcelain dishes can be very expensive if they are antiques. You are not the only person who enjoys collecting antiques. It is a great hobby to collect porcelain art products. They can crack, break, or, in the case of porcelain cups, their handle can fall apart. You can fix it if that happens to you. As long as the handle and cup are kept somewhere safe, they will not break again.

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Although it isn’t difficult, fixing a cup handle can be very time-consuming. If you don’t have the patience to fix a cup handle, you can send it to a porcelain expert to get it fixed. You can find these experts in large cities or online. You can find them online. Wrap it well and mail it to them. Here are some tips for wrapping a broken cup. Wrap the cup in a piece of paper, plastic bag or other material. Then wrap the handle with the same material. Wrap them separately, not together. You should also mail any small pieces that you find. Next, take the cup wrapped and handle and place it in a box. Finally, use a permanent marker to write porcelain cups on the box.

You will need epoxy glue, strong light, and time to fix it yourself. Put epoxy glue on the handle. Stick it back to the cup. It should be kept still for at least a minute. Then let it dry overnight. This is it. If you are unsure if you have the skills to handle it, you can always send it to an expert. Both options should be considered carefully.

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