Image Hosting Service – A Specialized Type of Web Hosting

If you wish to have a feature that allows you to load images to your Internet PimpAndHost website, then you should use a special kind of web hosting service, which is known as Image Hosting Service. The mode of working of this service is easy to understand. When you upload the images to this service, the images get stored on to a server with the service provider. Once that happens, the images get displayed to the visitors of your website.

You may ask – It is the same way of working as content on the website. What is so special about this service then? The specialty here is the size of the images. Images, generally are bigger in size than text content. An Image Hosting Service must be able to provide excellent bandwidth and processing speed to ensure images are viewed successfully by visitors every time they visit your web page.

Unlike plain content, there are some special features provided to you by the image hosting service provider, which makes your life easier in managing the images. For starters, please know that you can make inline links to the hosted image, something you were not able to do with the content. These links can be made by you using HTML Codes, special BB Codes, or with the help of a thumbnail that can be clicked on the page.

And with that, the difference in image hosting services really comes to an end. Expect to find free as well as paid image hosting service providers, much the same way as how you would have found with traditional web hosting services. With the free image hosting services, advertisements on your website also gets to be a tied-in feature.

Importantly though, the tools provided in an image hosting service allow you to treat your images in a sophisticated manner. If you are imaginative, you can really do wonders to the images you are handling.

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