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On my way up to Manhattan by the Express Bus one morning, I was able to enjoy the company and delight of reading through the issue from March of Allure magazine. I started with the Letter from editor Linda Wells and stumped upon the catchy phrase that is”the “pursuit for beauty”. Linda articulates this concept as being similar to that of”the American Dream. It’s “a right to identify and develop our true selves both psychologically as well as physically…that transcends the boundaries of race, gender, class or age, as well as sexual orientation.” It occurred to me, “this is so true!” Who today doesn’t desire to feel and look attractive? It is undisputed that humans are extremely conscious of our appearance and make any effort to preserve our own beauty. Our insatiable craving for everything “beauty” is proof that we’re always on the lookout for beauty and without a doubt.

As per beauty can be defined as “the quality of the thing or person that brings immense pleasure or provides deep pleasure to one’s mind.” The connection between pleasure and emotion makes it clear why beauty is so much of our lives. We are unable to resist the presence of objects or people who appeal to our senses. Physical beauty, while an issue of personal taste and opinions, is also influenced by the views of society. In many cultures, the balance or symmetry of the body is an important determinant of beauty, since it suggests that there are no “flaws” as well as “defects”. Beauty is based on facial balance, skin tone and body shape and youth are all standards of beauty. Beauty, however, is difficult to comprehend without understanding that beauty has a second aspect to it. It is not physical but is more metaphysical (a more abstract aspect ). We are not able to physically feel or see it, but its presence is evident. However it is impossible to exclude psychological factors like the persona or intelligence, politeness charisma or elegance as key aspects in judging beauty.

While researching more about the beauty trend I came across some fascinating findings. I was pleasantly surprised (ok maybe not that surprised) researchers have discovered that being attractive physically is a significant factor in one’s life. People who are considered to be attractive is more likely to receive higher grades and receive better treatment from their physicians, enjoy lower prison sentences and make more money. As if we didn’t have enough issues in our world of today, we recognize that the inexplicable, such as the beauty God has given us or “lack of it” is a new social obstacle to add to our list of obstacles. It doesn’t matter if we recognize it or not or if we are aware of it or not, this kind of “lookism” has been a problem for our society for decades and may shed insight into the level of insufficiency that exists in our current society.

This harrowing truth definitely affects the way we view ourselves and others. The images we watch on television also influence what we believe to be beautiful, and it is the primary basis for this search for the perfect. We spend millions of dollars and endless time at the malls, shopping for various cosmetics and making appointments for hair, nails botox, facial and other appointments, and reading magazines about fashion and observing the clothes our favourite stars are wearing and doing to remain slim, young and, yes, beautiful.

It is important to remember that there was the time that we were all awed by the gorgeous celebrities and models who effortlessly walked on red carpet and adorned the pages of magazines with ease or so it appeared. We fantasized about being their style and appearance and thinking that they were made exactly as they were. Because of our ever-growing obsession with celebrities and the countless, shameless intrusions into privacy that are a result of reality television, social media along with the “tell-all” trend We now have the knowledge and information but information, but also access to the previously “top secret” often extreme physical enhancements.

It’s not a secret that beauty isn’t a prerequisite “pursuit for beauty” doesn’t require visiting the surgeon who treats plastic surgery or a expensive option that is only available those with a lot of money and fame. All of us can be gorgeous physically! The multi-billion-dollar industry of beauty has ensured that it meets all of our beauty needs by providing us with a myriad of services and products geared towards helping us look and feel healthier and beautiful.The possibilities and resources that are available to us are endless in this field. There are products to make us appear younger, products that smooth our skin and smoother, products that can make our stomachs appear flat and our lips appear plump and give us more hair, products which make our lashes look longer and more thick stylists eyebrow threaders makeup artists, trends that are changing with each season and adornments such as necklaces, earrings and hats, tattoos and so on. every one of us uses these products to boost our beauty and appeal in a way.

However, the pursuit of beauty doesn’t only revolve around taking advantage of your “sexual capital”. It’s not only the physical beauty that attracts us. We’re looking for a blend of the observed and unseen – the physically (outer) and psychological (inner) since they are both thriving off one another. Like many, I believe that beauty truly comes from inside. In my view, inner beauty is the undeniably radiant light that shines through your body and radiates out to the world. Your aura is the essence of your heart and the impression you leave behind when people meet you at first. My father often refers to this intangible spiritual part of us by the name of “inner woman” as well as “woman”. Although it is true that this “inside beauty” could be easier for certain people than others, it’s the first step towards fulfilling the desire of our soul to find physical pleasure or happiness.Go to for more Information.

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