Fashion Production Across the Globe

We live in an environment that is surrounded by many items that are related to technology, most recent gadgets, or the latest trends. The fashion of today is a major factor across all facets of our lives. Fashion is classified in two categories: One group that follows trends in fashion and adopts them , and the others who make styles and fashion statements to encourage others to emulate. It could also be extended to a different group of people who do not have much to do with trends in fashion however they do adhere to their own fashions and styles to develop their own distinct persona, adding a new design to the world of fashion.

Fashion isn’t just about makeup and cosmetics or hairstyles. It’s about making yourself look great in whatever you put on and that magic is made by using the appropriate accessories that go with the footwear and clothes, creating an appealing picture to look at. A lot of times, those who can’t afford to purchase expensive clothing look at their best in casual attire, simply by dressing in that style of elegance and creating a ambiance surrounding them, with confidence that they look good.

There are a myriad of forms of fashion and styles change with the seasons. From the 60s to the 70s until the present day, there has been a massive shift in the styles of fashion, styles and ideas about fashion trends.Get more info at

In India the fashion industry is influenced by the Hindi Film Industry, popularly known as Bollywood. The fashions that have evolved over time can be evident in the films made in the 1960s and 70s, and how they have changed in different forms, resulting in an aesthetic that is adopted by the general population. The west has been a model for people since the beginning of time and this was not an exception. The fashions of the 1960s, 70s and 80s were very heavily influenced by west and were given an old-fashioned look. The bell bottoms, scarves and hairstyles were popular in the era as a symbol of fashion. In the 1980s and 90s, the fashion world was at its peak. There was a desire among the masses to appear different fashionable, trendy and contemporary and this was evident in their attitude towards their clothes, the latest hairstyles and makeup, as well as accessories such as earrings, purses, necklaces and shoes that matched.

The public was aware of every new product that was advertised and took the fashions of the styles of their Bollywood idols. Bollywood began as an opportunity for actors but later evolved into an entry point for commercial young and those who wanted to pursue an opportunity in the fashion and film industry. The youth of today the opportunity to focus on fashion and style. Music and art have become an integral part of the past , and it is deeply embedded in the present with more facilities and features.

Fashion, art, designers, music and dance all are part of the business and individuals are able to choose any aspect of this field as a profession. Music and art have long been incorporated into co-curricular activities of schools and higher colleges are now offering different courses to help improve professionalism in these fields. There are also a variety of acting schools, and the tiny screen i.e., the television has opened new avenues to bring out the talents in young minds by providing various platforms for dancing and music. This is the breakthrough of the millennium that has created jobs and working within the industry of fashion. The fashion trends we observe are influenced by fashion houses with regular seasons in which they showcase their innovations, many of which are telecast on FTV, Zee Trendz and TLC channels. You can also catch an idea of the fashionable clothes which the models show. Nowadays, Modelling is also one of the avenues for entrance into the world of fashion.

In the past the fashion world was limited to actors in film or who were brave enough to be before the masses that they could be considered trendy. Some wooed them with closed doors. As the times changed we saw women displaying their fashions wearing traditional sarees with an embossed blouse and a distinct neck style. Then , we could see the saree draped in different styles, such as the Bengali style, the Gujarati style, etc. Women were expressing their choices of liberation and this was evident in their attire, whether it was the high-heeled slipper, her handbag or the manner in which she held the saree , or her hair and the makeup she put on. These changes led to the creation of churidhars, later the salwar kameez, and then the style of dresses came exposed. Women were able to accept it was not wrong with being attractive and men, naturally, wanted to admire the beautiful females and fantasized about of their wives.

This shift in the attitude of the general public was popular with fashion-conscious and a large market was developed to meet the needs of the population. Fashion today creates a fresh appearance that is distinctive for an individual and is constantly updated on the latest trends on the market. The industry is renowned because of its glamour as well as the mix of Indian traditions and cultures incorporated into the fashions the models wear.

People are always looking to explore different kinds of textures that are used in their outfits, and therefore, designers offer an array of clothes that incorporate all types of clothing. The traditional Khadi and silk combo that is currently making waves that can be seen in both men’s and women’s clothing. We also have embroidery in zardosi, studded tops with Swarovski crystals, as well as multi-stoned designs on bridal collection sarees , etc. The most sought-after materials such as polyster, cotton, crushed materials, chiffon are used in a variety of iconoclastic designs and styles.

There is always a chance for designers that the young people are seeking a shift in the fashion world and are happy to continue the trend by blending an Indian and western blend of fashion-forward clothes. The young people of today are extremely practical in their style for specific occasions. For a wedding, a party for a wedding or casual style, they want the best and believe in looking their most attractive. To achieve this, they go one step further in making sure that they have everything they need in their wardrobe for every occasion.

In addition to the fashionable fashions and clothes that are nowadays popular, people are keen to experiment with something that goes with their style. Therefore, the market began to shift towards the most personal friend of women- the Hand Bag or the Purse. The fresh appearance of a purse that has stunning colors and stylish features such as the chain handle or hip zips that have pockets of various shapes attracted attention from the public like never before. With the rising demand of the price of brand bags, it was an essential item for all women to finish her shopping. The other accessories also collection, which created an opportunity for themselves in the market. A few examples the necklaces and earring as well as the many belts as well as hand-crafted bracelets and brooches The stiletto, its gorgeous embroidered slippers for parties, and its kin’s high-roofed shoes creating a great cowboy style and more.