Escalating Fashion and Retail Scene Opens Doors for Job Creation

The present is one of fashion, and it is an important factor in our lives. It actually brings a new dimension to our lives through providing an desire to create something unique and new, or else it would become a boring life if we were to dress and behave similarly.

Fashion is the expression of an individual fashion, especially in clothing shoes, accessories, and makeup. It is a way of doing something, appearing different and communicating with people. It covers a variety of categories like the way you speak, your actions as well as manners and the way of life. There is an ongoing debate about fashion and clothing, and their significance in present contemporary society. Fashion and clothes can be described as a variety of factors that hold the society. Fashion is an existing style or norm of clothes, manners of dressing and method of socializing. Clothing is defined as clothing that is worn collectively. If fashion and clothes were removed from our lives, it would leave no space for individuality, and the entire population would be identical. Also, there would be no social class distinctions that were well-defined during the 1800s and remains in place even today. The disappearance of fashion and clothes could also alter the dynamic of society and the social interactions.

Mod, a short form of “modern,” is a term used to describe a youthful style that was popularized in London during the 1960s and swiftly expanded to other regions of the globe. Being trendy isn’t just appealing but also enjoyable. It is a common occurrence that students in the early years are fascinated by fashion and begin to follow the latest trends immediately. Fashion influences our young people in a significant way. Fashion is constantly influencing on the social scene. It influences our opinions and our attitude toward social culture. We are able to introduce new ideas of life through fashion and raise awareness in ourselves to bring back an entirely new set of traditions. It’s a major social way for students to present an appearance outside of their friends. Malcolm Barnard says in his book Fashion as Communication, “Fashion and clothes have been described as ways for communication” (39). Students make use of fashion to communicate their thoughts and opinions. Fashion is used as means of communicating with friends and a means of avoiding scrutiny from any kind of person. Fashion is a method of communicating with all the people around them what their personal style is really saying.

The 1920s are known as”the Age of Flaming Youth because of the wild and jazzy attitude. This was the time when the young’s energy was unleashed in a different way and every style was considered too silly to be a fashionable one. The world has become increasingly globalized. Celebrities play an important part within the world of children. Students seek out their most loved icons to stay current. While watching television or browsing the online, they are likely to be drawn by a range of trendy concepts. Furthermore, they idolize their idols and constantly want to imitate them. So they try to emulate the look and style they admire. They attempt to absorb every fashion trend in their culture to improve their appearance. When they meet and discuss the latest items that can be improved. They make use of non-natural ways of speech, expression and mannerisms in their everyday lives that is somewhat artificial.

In my opinion I see two kinds of categories i.e. the negative and positive impact of fashion on students.

The way we dress in our society can have many negative effects on students. Students only focus on the latest fashions and result in the expenditure of a huge quantity of dollars. This is why they aren’t capable of focusing on the other vital needs of life. This is a constant distraction from the study. When a fashion or style is deemed to be trendy that is followed by students, regardless of the amount of trouble it causes. On the other hand , they are caught in the whirlwind of fashion due to the influence of the society. In order to follow a certain style one must take certain actions, and certain things, so students push their boundaries to impress their peers. In the end, they lose hope instead of being inventive and suffer from depression due to being in fashion. However it is also belief that the money spent for Fashion could be put to use to fund other causes, such as charity or helping the less fortunate.

Fashion sets a high standard for students. All students want to look beautiful and stylish as the famous people on television or in magazines, and therefore they spend a lot of their time and money trying to put an image that impresses the people who surround them. But, they don’t convey their personality frequently, which results in a decline in self-esteem. This also causes a conflict of ideas among them as well as their peers which could lead to the feeling of jealousy and, in turn, damage their relationships with their friends. Students begin to judge people based on their appearance. Those who do not spend enough time on their appearance eventually, they are criticized and this lowers their confidence levels to a some degree.

Students who pay more attention to fashion tend to be less concerned about their studies. They believe that by following certain trends in fashion they will be able to make a distinctness from their peers, so they begin to give less attention to their academic pursuits.

There are positive aspects of being trendy as well. When teens feel comfortable because of their appearance they feel a great feeling of self-worth as well as confidence and self-confidence in individuality. Learn more at addition, they feel more secure and comfortable within a social setting. If students adhere to the latest trends they are able to be aware of their individuality through being around people in the community with similar desires and fashion sense. Fashionable clothes reflect an individual’s status. People think that someone is more affluent if they are wearing trendy clothes. Malcolm Barnard says in his book Fashion as Communication, “Fashion and clothing have been viewed as a means of communication”

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