Email Delivery Tips

You may have been successful in building your email list to a good or even a reasonable size, but this does not mean that these people are necessarily going to read the emails which you send to them. Here we will look at some of the things which you can do and also should consider when sending emails to your subscribers.

Getting Subscribers Permission

Opting your subscribers into your mailing list is an extremely important first step in this process. If people are prepared to say that “yes, they want to receive information from you”, then this make sure that your delivery rate is optimised. This process works by once someone has signed up in your opt in box, you then send them an email which then goes on to tell them that to confirm their email address they have to then click a link. This then absolutely makes sure that they want to receive information from you.

Work email address

Most people will have many email accounts which they use for different things. I personally have 3 primary email accounts which I use for example. Therefore when people sign up you really want them to subscribe with the email account which is going to maximise the open rate of your email which you have spent time sending. People who use the internet a lot will probably be signed up to lots of different lists, therefore you need to make sure that you are getting the best possible exposure to your emails, and therefore you need to provide a heading to your emails which provokes thought and action, but also if this is delivered to an email address which is only used once a year then there is little or no chance of the email actually being opened. Include some text to ask for someone’s “real” or “primary” email, as this will definitely increase the open rate particularly over the longer term.

Email List Maintenance

This can be slow work! Make sure that when people’s emails bounce back that you promptly remove them from the list. Some Internet Service Providers have delivery records of bounced emails and may potentially block your email address if you are receiving lots of undelivered emails.

Type of email

There are many different email templates that can be used to improve both the look and feel of the email. There are several problems with using such templates. First, the actual email will be a bigger file and therefore many of free email provides will ask the person who is receiving the email if they wish to view the images contained within. Some people will not view the images, which in turn will leave the email in a poor format, plain text would have been better. Also, the email itself may be blocked by firewalls if it contains images. There are proven delivery rates, and plain text emails have a 50% increase in delivery rates than emails containing graphics and templates.

Email header

The title of your email will definitely [pii_email_b47d29538f12c20da426] affect the open rate. Therefore try and make this relevant to the topic contained within the email. However, if this is “make money”, or “sex” this is likely to be blocked purely because of the volume of emails which contain such terminology. Many ISP’s have algorithm’s which block spam, and therefore the more legitimate that you email looks the more chance you have.


The more images which you contain within the email the lower the delivery rate. Think about it this way. The bigger the file which you are sending through, the lower the change you have of delivery. Therefore only include files which are absolutely necessary, this will then maximise your chances of delivery.


This will definitely reduce the delivery rate. Many email providers will be unhappy about receiving an attachment. Therefore if you can the file up so that it is hosted somewhere, this will increase the delivery rates of your emails further. There are many options for such services, one of the most popular is Amazon S3.

Comply with CAN-SPAM email rules

If you have potentially have US emails contained within your email list, then it is extremely important that you comply with the US regulation which was launched in 2004. There are two items which are absolutely imperative that have to be included which are a valid postal address for your business and also an option to unsubscribe. Even if you are primarily targeting UK customers, if there is the prospect that a US email could get included within the pile make sure that you are compliant to these regulations.