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The investment in technology-related products and services gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to make profits. It is interesting to note that directing business and software strategies towards the technology industry opens an enterprise up to huge potential to impact economic growth. In the context of typical technology-related ventures, a company is either an SME , or it is a startup.

The World Bank categorizes small and medium-sized enterprises as having a lower than 300 and 50 employees headcounts, and the total amount of assets, and earnings that are less than $3 million or $15 million, respectively. Different quantitative variables are considered the benchmark set by the European Union for small and medium enterprises is employees with a headcount of between 50 and 250, as well as turnovers that are between 10 million and 50 million.

Although strikingly similar in many other ways the tech startup and SMEs drastically differ in the source of their funds, funding sizes, and collateral. With regards to managing their software and business strategies the amount of information needed to be successful in the field can be overwhelming for tech startups as well as SMEs. When it comes to the certain route to failure for tech startups, TechStartups blogcites, among others, a flawed strategy, a flawed business model, a bad team and inadequate funding.

Offering hands-on support to help bring programs to the next level, Innovations for Poverty Action or IPA recognizes SMEs as the main drivers of growth in employment, economic growth social mobility, and innovation, due to their ability to respond to opportunities and take advantage of them which can boost business growth. SMEs are often the vehicle by which the entrepreneurial-spirited emerging markets and developing economies want to make a mark in a given industry.

From the point of view of technology-focused SME customers There’s a chance associated with dealing with small businesses however, the reward might be worth the risk. In order to increase their competitive advantages, SMEs are more likely to provide personalized customer service to the highest standard and, with SME founders, they are likely to be offering a simple way to talk about specific discussions.Learn more at

Comparatively with established tech vendors early stage tech companies tend to provide services with “lesser sophistication,” but they provide crucial improvements in the effectiveness of their products or services efficiency, productivity and cost savings.In partnership with the market research company YouNoodle, BusinessWeek has recently published a list that includes 50 startups in the field of technology that have been founded no more than in five years ago in United States, China, Russia, India and Israel have been generating buzz and preparing for huge expansion.